Angelique knows how to make an entrance. #darkshadows

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Repeat When Necessary


Because this keeps coming up.

You are the perfect size, shape, gender, and sexuality to cosplay that character you love.

I’m not saying you are NEARLY the perfect size, shape, gender and sexuality to play that character you love.

I am saying you are the EXACTLY CORRECT AND PERFECT size, shape,…

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Can we also talk about how smoking hot Mrs. S is looking?  

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Orange is the New Black Season 2 animated promotional posters

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"Yes, it’s Angelique. Your bride. The only bride you’ll ever have."

"I’ll never be rid of you will I?"


"As long as I live, you will exist to torment me."

"That’s right. You will never escape me."

"I thought I finally had. I should have known better."

Barnabas is weak and disoriented. Angelique is victorious. He is hers and nobody else will ever have him. He hates her. It doesn’t matter. She hates him more. And having him in her control almost makes being a vampire worthwhile. Barnabas tries to make a break for it, but Angelique is having none of that. And, no. She doesn’t care that people are waiting for him and will be suspicious if he doesn’t return. He isn’t gong anywhere until she says so.

What are you planning to do?”

"Don’t you know?"

"You are going to make me revert to what I was!"

*Angelique continues to cast a reflection in a mirror, in spite of being a vampire.

One of my all-time favorite Dark Shadows scenes.

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only two snapchats this time, kids. Korra gettin’ kidnapped and saved. I’m going to Norway tomorrow for two weeks so i probably won’t be posting for a bit! 

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There is also a baby present and Kya is a considerate aunt.

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Watched this for the first time last week.  Late to the party, I know.

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