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Kya hasn’t mastered the art of the selfie yet. (That’s what Lin is for)


Vitruvious and Emmet take Dragon Con by storm!


Dinner then Lego-ing up. Already seeing fab costumes.


Just got the car all packed.  And it fit!  

We’ll be at the Marriott hanging out this evening as Emmet and Vitruvius from the Lego Movie (I’ll have the lollipop staff).  

Tomorrow during the day I’ll be season 2 Red from Orange is the New Black (in the carhart coat with a plant in an extra large pot) and that night I’ll be Kya from Legend of Korra (probably with a wig that is sticking out all over the place because I’m as bad at styling wigs as I am at doing my own hair).

Saturday is the crazy Valka from HTTYD2 costume (dragon rider armor) and hopefully a costume contest.

Sunday we’ll be Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King from Adventure Time (with a feather beard).  

I’ve got Wool and Pretty Deadly with me to get signed.  But this year is all about the cosplay!  (Seriously, I’m only taking one bottle of booze.  I can’t sweat alcohol through my makeup—nor can I pee while wearing that armor.)

Time to go!

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anonymous: lin or suyin

My cartoon wife.

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Why can’t I just magic us to Atlanta? Packing the car is stressing me out. This is the first year that there is a real possibility that it won’t all fit. And I can’t pre-load half of it because of the Worbla and the damned heat. I have become one of those people who need a u-haul.

  • Question: Wounded Kya in Lin's arms, in #5 or #6. - Anonymous
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    Am I the only one who wants to see this on next episode? *c*

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good night

They are canon and I refuse to believe otherwise.  

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